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 ABOUT Dr Mist 


DR. Mist Floatation Fluid Spray Serves As The World's Most Advance Spray In Healing Skin Disease, Cuts and Wounds as well as advanced Underarm Hygiene Care. 


The Germicide Floatation Technique used by Dr. Mist was 8 years in the making, with a breakthrough in physics based on the study of the healing properties of the dead sea resulting in the Geneva Award for its' invention.  It is a registered Trade Secret.

How was Dr Mist Created?
      The inventor of Dr. Mist was a great sufferer of bad body odor and dedicated 8 years of his life, researching the Dead Sea for its healing properties and more, till he had a breakthrough in physics
      He sold everything he owned for his research and to make his formula (which is now a trade secret). He submitted his invention to the Geneva Invertors Convention and WON in the medical category. 
      The Geneva Award is the most prestigious because Inventors can only submit their inventions once in a lifetime, so to win first time submitted, especially in the medical category speaks for itself. You just can't get a better deodorant!
      His inventions have helped people all over the world and we are proud to bring Dr. Mist to Canada and USA and are looking forward to bringing it to as many countries as possible.

Why is Dr Mist Right for You?
      Dr. mist spray has NO Aluminum or Alum, NO Fragrance, NO Artificial Colorings, NO Creams, NO Oils, NO Alcohol AND is STAIN FREE. It embraces an environmental-friendly and hygienic concept. 
      Dr. Mist's floatation technology basically flushes toxins from the body.  The body odor causing bacteria floats to the surface where they are eradicated safely.
      Dr. Mist kills bacteria effectively and safely. Dr Mist will also take ALL ODORS out of sports equipment and helmets for days!  Sports enthusiasts have a real following for Dr. mist.
      Simplicity of Application:  Towel-dry after bathing; Spray on area and blend in. Dr. Mist may also be sprayed directly into clean socks, underwear and shoes for complete freshness with absolutely no staining on body, clothes or equipment. 
      Ingredients: Calcium, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium, treated Water (with floatation technology).
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