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Review Dr. Mist

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Naturally Savvy Review Dr. Mist

Andrea Donsky

“Best deodorant ever!!! I saw your ad and bought the product. It work the very first time I used it. It lasts up to 3 days with one application. Best of all, no more white perspiration stains on my clothes. WOW!!!!

P. Daigle Canada


Cold sore

“DR.Mist is a LIFESAVER! I had a cold sore 3 days ago, now its GONE! I felt it coming on sprayed it every couple hours by the next day it was dried out and didnt really grow at all and by the third day was GONE.! It's where it's at!


Justin Russell


“I gave a sample of Dr. Mist to my neighbor who suffers from Eczema. She is in her 70's. She tried it and said her eczema is almost all gone. She said she has never seen anything like it and said to thank you because she suffered from this most of her life. You have a real winner there and I wanted to let you know.


Jackie from Montreal


Hi, I've been using Dr. Mist for almost three months. What I
love most about Dr. Mist, not just because it works but it also has
HALAL certification. As a Muslim this criteria is very important to me as
well as a safe and effective products. I strongly think that other
toiletries product should consider about HALAL certification. Keep up the good work.


Website visitor


I just wanted to give my results for this product. First I would like to start by stating I am a TMAU patient. I have a problem with BO and Bad Breath. I am able to control the smell to a minimum if I watch what I eat. What I notice about using Dr. mist is I have no BO smell at all. So I have to give it a thumbs up . After using it for 1 whole week and I like to thank Claudette for having faith in her product because it works.


                        MSN Body Odor Support Group




“We saw your product on Dragon's Den and bought it at London drugs. It is absolutely amazing! They don't deserve to be part of your business! We wanted a new type of deodorant, and it's fabulous, probably the best we've ever used. My husband sprayed it on a cut, and by morning it with healed. I had an itch on my skin that would not go away and it's gone after one spray.

Cheers Diane

Breast cancer

This is the first time in my life (66 years young) that I ever write to someone about a product.

Your  deodorant is Amazing !!! I heard about it in a tv add very recently.

Having gone through breast cancer surgery 10 years ago, I have had lots of problems with perspiration odor since all my lymp nodes were removed under my right arm. I tried the most expensive deodorant but to no avail, until DR MIST.!!!

I hope that through your marketing techniques, you will be able to reach across to all the breast cancer survivors who probably suffer from the same affliction as I did, but no more for me..

Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!!


 Campbell river, Bc  


Excellent product. I plan to purchase some additional bottles. I was very impressed with the way the package was delivered. I told one person (female) to spray her underwear and then spray the groin area (outside) only and then spray the clothes she wears, to see if it helps.
Honestly, Dr. Mist could easily sell this product for $59.99 per bottle and say " have to have this product to cure your body odor problems..." However; Dr. Mist is very compassionate, astute, and professional enough to try to market the product so that it is affordable for almost everyone. For the price of the average pizza delivery, one can obtain a bottle of Dr. Mist It appears to be WORKING, I am pleasantly surprised. I feel you are on to something BIG here, Dr. Mist. Thank you so very much for the free sample. Great product.

PS: I want to be CLEAR and state that I do not get any compensation or anything by giving a positive review or a negative review of this product. (Believe it or not, someone had the nerve to write me and ask me if I get paid to endorse products!)

         Dr. Fields - MSN Body Odor Support Group

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