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The game-changing invention

Dr. Mist is a natural deodorant without aluminum or alum, without perfume or alcohol, stainless, colorless and non-greasy. It effectively eliminates body, foot and armpit odors.

Additionally, Dr. Mist can be used to relieve mosquito and insect bites by reducing swelling and speeding healing. It also works on open wounds, acne, eczema and other skin irritations caused by bacteria and/or toxins.

This product has been proven safe for the skin. This is a flotation spray for enhanced hygiene care. Dr. Mist eliminates odor-causing surface bacteria and allows pores to breathe naturally. It's suitable for even the most sensitive skin, including breast cancer survivors, who normally wouldn't be able to use deodorants.

Additionally, Dr. Mist adopts an environmentally friendly and hygienic manufacturing process.


Aluminum free


Without perfume


Colorless and non-greasy

Not tested on animals

8 years of research

During eight years of intensive research, Dr. Mist's team perfected a germicidal flotation technique, based on the study of the healing properties of the Dead Sea. This innovation was awarded the prestigious Prix de Genève and is now a protected trade secret.

A cutting-edge product

Dr. Mist Flotation Fluid Spray is the world's most advanced product for treating skin conditions, cuts, wounds and providing advanced underarm hygiene.

Through the dead sea

As a result of studying the physics based on the minerals of the Dead Sea, Dr. Mist became the first in the world to spray flotation fluid.

The Dead Sea has a mineral concentration 38 times that of normal ocean water. This is why many people suffering from skin problems go to the Dead Sea to find relief and treatment.

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