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Your partner in natural freshness

The only natural deodorant that works!

#1 Best Seller

No stains, safe for skin.
Natural deodorant that works for up to 3 days.

Our natural aluminum-free deodorants are carefully designed, based on organic and environmentally friendly ingredients.

100% Natural

Not tested on animals

Aluminum free

Environmentally friendly


Inspired by the Dead Sea, Perfected by Science.

Dr. Mist is based on cutting-edge technology inspired by minerals from the Dead Sea. Our unique formula uses a germicidal flotation technique to provide long-lasting protection against body odor, while soothing and protecting skin.

Try Dr. Mist
from today !

“Best deodorant ever used!!! I saw your ad and purchased the product. It worked from the first use. It lasts up to 3 days with just one application. Best of all, no more white sweat stains on my clothes. WOW!!!!”

P. Daigle Canada

Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation 

For every product sold, Dr Mist is proud to donate a portion of its sales to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. 


Excellent 100/100

« A deodorant spray without aluminium salts. »

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